We have taken what we have learned from hundreds of Sales CRM projects we have delivered to sales organizations around the world and created a pre-packaged solution for SMEs!
This package comes with a fixed price and a fixed timeline, you will be up and running in 4 days!
What’s included?

It’s really straight-forward. We have created a sales package geared towards SMEs, using three of our most popular platforms; Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and SugarCRM. Going for a “proper” CRM solution rather than opting for a smaller solution means that you have room to grow your CRM solution as your business grows, instead of having to change your CRM platform in a few year’s time, with will be costly and time-consuming. The package includes Sales process setup from lead to closed deal, training for your salespeople and dashboard and KPI setup!

How we do it

Our set-up process is simple. In four days we move from initial sales process workshop and set up all the way through to training your staff, and supporting you when you go live! We streamline your CRM so that it fits your business, focused on sales. When it’s time for you to evolve and enhance your CRM solution to support your business further, we are there along the way to guide you. If you sign up for our support agreement from day one, we give you 1 month’s free support for any issues you might bump into!

┬áday 1 – setup

We setup the solution, which includes user setup, sales process configuration and dashboards.

day 2 – data migration

We migrate / import your data from your old system if you have one, from your spreadsheets or whichever form you currently have your customer database in.

day 3 – training

We train your team members on how to use the solution in the best way, how it integrates with your email and calendar and how they can get access to their data. We also provide a user guide and a video library of short training courses.

day 4 – go-live!

Time to go live with your new CRM system! Our team is onsite with your team for a full day, to make sure everything goes smoothly.
LET’S get started!
In order for us to be able to plan your new CRM solution, we just need a few pieces of information about your business. Fill out the form below, and we will give you a call right away to start planning your new CRM!