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At Sirocco, we have delivered over 300 customer projects around the world. Our project implementations are delivered in an Agile manner, where we keep you, the customer, involved every step of the way.

Initially we conduct a number of workshops to help tailor the CRM solution for your unique needs and requirements. The workshops cover a range of topics such as:

  • Your current processes around sales, customer service and marketing, where we give our feedback and suggestions, so that we can tweak and improve these processes together.
  • Your dashboard and reporting needs, to make sure we collect and present the data in the most useful way to your team members and management
  • Integrations – to your finance/ERP system, email and calendar and any existing important system that we need to integrate with
    After a topic has been discussed we go ahead and start building your solution for you, and make sure that you are involved in testing from day one, so that we make sure that we avoid misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

We continuously train and guide your team members so that they feel confident in using the new platform and catch any questions they might have for us. We build a library of short instructional videos for specific topics which you can use for on boarding new team members, but also for existing team members to remind themselves of how to do a specific task in CRM.

Once the project implementation has been delivered we typically spend the first week onsite with your team, to make sure that the transition into the new platform goes smoothly, and to catch any issues that may arise during this first week.

When your CRM solution is live, we then move into a support agreement where we offer you the Service Level Agreement that you require, and make sure that you are supported in the best way possible.



GAC is a large shipping and logistics company with headquarters in Dubai. Sirocco was awarded a project for rolling out Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their global sales organization following an RFP floated in 2018.

Dynamics 365 has now been rolled out for their global sales teams, and the plan is to continue this rollout to their local offices around the world and to integrate the platform with internal operational and financial systems.


Sirocco was awarded a large, global project following an RFP released by SAAB in 2019. We are rolling out CRM across their organization globally, following an extensive series of workshops and discussions with top management as well as country and division management teams to define the tailored solution and the global rollout of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


For Sandvik we have defined and designed a CPQ framework solution that we are rolling out in 2020. Sandvik is a large global organization using Salesforce.

Their sales and quoting process is quite complex and requires a CPQO (Configure, Price, Quote, Order) solution in order to allow their sales teams to sell effectively based on the complex criteria of their customer base.