CRM Pre-study

Our pre-study process

Management interviews

We hold interview sessions with management stakeholders, to ensure we understand what their objectives are and what they are looking to get out of their investment into CRM

Employee interviews

Understanding the management perspective is not enough. We need to speak to the people that will be using CRM, to make sure we capture the “what’s in it for me” factor as well as map out their current processes, so that we can take them into consideration.

Benchmarking exercises

We compare and contrast different CRM platforms. If you are currently using a CRM, we compare it side by side with other solutions to make sure you can see the difference and appreciate all the option available.

Pre-study report

Having performed the interviews and benchmarking sessions, we get to work on producing our pre-study report where we describe the as-is situation, and make our recommendation for the to-be situation for your business processes and how CRM technology can support and enhance these.

Pre-study presentation

When the report is ready we present it to the management team and any other stakeholders that will benefit from hearing and discussing our findings. As part of the presentation we outline how an initial project phase could look in terms of deliver plan and budget.