Stockholm Dubai

The speed of change is fast and every year it gets faster, and 2021 was no exception. How we meet the challenges that inevitably come our way is our test of greatness, personally, professionally, and collectively as a team. We also started last year in a new bigger office in Stockholm, and we can finally start using it to its full capacity. It feels really invigorating having our colleagues back to work together at the office.

Proud but humble, I can also mention that we, based on how we have managed the two past years, are now Sweden’s biggest CRM partner when it comes to turnover, employees, and profit. We just surpassed our competitor when we reached 65MSEK, in Sweden only, not counting our other offices around the world. We are one of the best CRM certified companies in Sweden with more than 95% growth within Salesforce and Microsoft certified CRM specialists.

As of today, we hold over 150 certifications in the team which makes me extremely proud. We will continue this path and add more industry related certifications in adherence with the market strategies of our important collaboration partners.

At Sirocco we have a saying that we will always look for quality before quantity, which is important to us, and to retain our great culture. An important part of the culture are our values Communication, Responsibility and Motivation (CRM). These values influence everything we do within Sirocco, in our customer deliveries as well as how we collaborate and act together in our daily work life. This is also the baseline for our ambitions to constantly improve ourselves, both as individuals and as a company, and to improve our deliveries constantly and relentlessly to our customers.

We are now taking the next step in this ambition by introducing a common business and delivery model in 2022, the SAFe Framework. This lean-agile framework offers us and our customers a structured best practice way of working, based on processes, roles, artefacts, and the way we will organize ourselves to achieve the highest possible business outcome and business value for our customers as well as for Sirocco as a company. his will increase the pace in our revenue and profitability growth and will be the foundation for our capability to deliver our solutions with high quality on a global level and to establish new Sirocco offices globally.

The SAFe community’s experiences and the global usage of the framework, show that using a lean-agile approach is one of the single most significant factors between winners and losers in the current digitalized and data-driven economy. Companies and organizations that use lean-agile ways of working create higher profits, increase employee engagement, and more thoroughly satisfy customer needs. And we will continue to be on the winning side together with our customers during 2022 and going forward.

We understand the need to be fast, creative, and progressive to meet the changes and challenges we and our customers face. Together, our initiatives, commitment, and team focus have given us outstanding customer achievements and a progressive and rewarding CRM ecosystem. We are not only growing as a team and the way we do and develop our business. We are also taking our vision, knowledge and expertise to new destinations in the world. There is some exciting news coming up soon so stayed tuned!

As mentioned above, our value words are: Communication, Responsibility and Motivation (CRM),

 and they are our guiding stars in everyday life and with that mindset we will grow even stronger this year.

Thank you for following our journey!

Laith Al-Hashimi – CEO and founder of Sirocco Group