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Salesforce 1% pledge and Sirocco

- Donating products, time and resources to a good cause!

Salesforce is a company that does great philanthropic work in the world. It turns out, not only for-profit organizations require a CRM system but in reality many non-profit companies could make use of working through a systematic data-driven approach. Through Salesforce, these charities can get access to one of the best CRM’s in the world, for free or at a very discounted price depending on the implementation size.

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, has initiated something called the 1% pledge, which entails that they will donate 1% of their time, money and resources in support of charitable causes. So far $240 Million in grants and 3,5 million hours of community service has been donated. More than 39,000 nonprofits and education institutions have also received product donations.

Furthermore, Salesforce has created a special set of tools to help non-profit organizations expand their impact and philanthropic work. The first of these tools are Nonprofit Cloud. An integrated platform where focus and attention has been put on fundraising and grantmaking. By creating a platform with a donor-centric experience and a unified view of all donors, nonprofits can personalize their communication. This makes donors more motivated to give and continue their support, as well as simplifies and makes every day fundraising more efficient.

To bridge the gap between non-profit and for-profit organizations Salesforce has also created Philanthropy Cloud. A platform that inspires and connects employers, employees, customers and partners to causes that matters the most to them. Philanthropy Cloud lets employees become donors and volunteers in a convenient and accessible way. By matching employees skills and causes Salesforce will recommend specific non-profit organizations that are the most relevant. To drive engagement and motivation Philanthropy Cloud put employees in the driver seat where they can choose fundraising efforts, volunteer opportunities and charities closest to their hearts.

For organizations interested in exploring fundraising and philanthropic capabilities there is an open source Nonprofit Success Pack free to download on the AppExchange (Salesforce Marketplace). It is the most downloaded non-profit app available. The pack consist of 19 custom objects related to charity work. The user will be able to track donations, allocations, recurring donations, payments, credits and campaigns. The Nonprofit Success Pack is a smooth integration for any charity already running Salesforce or new charities starting out. A click of a button and you are good to go, although you might need some customizations to be made. You know where to find us!

A day in the reed with Salesforce and The Archipelago Foundation

At Sirocco we want to be a part of the philanthropic work that Salesforce does and donate our time and resources whenever possible. So, we joined a Salesforce-organized charity event together with The Archipelago Foundation (#Skärgårdsstiftelsen) and #Sportfiskarna, Sveriges Sportfiske- och Fiskevårdsförbund to remove reed in Gålö nature reserve in the Swedish archipelago. The removal will have a permanent impact through cows natural grazing of the area, which will keep the reed down. The new waters that open up is positive for the pike population as a spawning ground. Larger pikes help control populations with smaller fish to create a sustainable and balanced ecosystem.

It feels great to get the opportunity to work together like this with Salesforce and all of the CRM-partners in Stockholm. It shows that together we can make a positive and lasting change on our environment. A few hours of our time can not only make an impact on the nature surrounding our capital but also add to personal wellbeing and a sense of pride.

The Archipelago Foundation was created in 1959 with the basic idea to create access to the beautiful nature in Stockholm archipelago. Through the years this vision has grown to include preservation of nature reserves and old buildings, creating conditions for tourism and activities by allowing entrepreneurs to run hotels and restaurants, as well as protect nature and the environment through active and long-term conservation work. This conservation work includes protecting nature reserves and natural values with grazing livestock, sustainable forestry, expertise and supervision.

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