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25 Mar: Offline Capability in Power Apps

Any mobile app which has a data entry form, which eventually is used for reporting and analytics needs to talk back to the data storage applications (e.g., SharePoint / Excel Sheet / Dynamics CRM, etc.). When trying to talk back to any data storage if the device is not connected to internet, then the user is stuck and cannot claim the action to be closed.

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24 Jan: Marketing automation

The Dynamics Marketing app can help you deliver personalized and tailored messages across all your marketing channels. The marketing app also aggregates data in real-time, so you can agilely tweak your campaigns based on your customer’s behavior patterns.

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01 Dec: 10 Steps to a successful CRM user adoption

In order to have a successful CRM implementation however, it is crucial to spend the time to plan for the user adoption. If you only focus on the technology and neglect the importance of making sure that the users will actually use the system you run the risk of poor user adoption which is one of the main reason CRM projects fail. Here are 10 steps that will help you have a successful user adoption.