2021 December

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14 Dec: Sales Orders in CRM – why you should use it here and not in ERP

Most of the modern-day CRM systems will provide you with the function to place the order in the CRM as an Out of the Box function, it’s already there, ready to be used. Actually, most CRM systems can provide you with a lot more than that, but let’s focus on the latter part of the process, the centrepiece of your customer engagement, the order.

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01 Dec: 10 Steps to a successful CRM user adoption

In order to have a successful CRM implementation however, it is crucial to spend the time to plan for the user adoption. If you only focus on the technology and neglect the importance of making sure that the users will actually use the system you run the risk of poor user adoption which is one of the main reason CRM projects fail. Here are 10 steps that will help you have a successful user adoption.