Marketing Automation Magic – for sales(!)

Recently I was invited to do a keynote speech at an event hosted by Liana Technologies  to speak on the topic of Marketing Automation (MA).


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Marketing Automation, it is a brilliant tool for automating your communications with your leads, contacts and customers.

In a solution for MA you would typically have the following features available to you:

  • Landing Pages
    • A webpage that you direct people to through your social media, website or other channels
  • Web tracking script
    • A script similar to Google Analytics that allows you to track the behaviour of your leads and contacts on your different pages of your website. This information can then be used for lead scoring, segmentation etc.
  • Surveys
  • Web forms
  • Email automation
    • Send emails to a database of leads, contacts or customers
      • Track who opens your email
      • Track who clicks on any links or pdf:s you might have attached to your email

So, the main aim of marketing automation tools is to implement an effective marketing strategy, allowing full control of the flow of information and segment and target based on lead or contact behaviour rather than “I know what people want!”.

When preparing for my keynote presentation I wanted to talk about MA integrated with CRM from a slightly different angle; how can we leverage these tools to enhance our sales process?



As a business, you receive leads from a number of different channels, for example:

  • social media
  • website registration forms
  • events
  • word of mouth
  • phone
  • email

What most businesses tend to do is then simply hand these leads to your sales team(s) which will then qualify these leads and hopefully turn some of them into business.

What if I could show you some magic that would mean that your salespeople could actually spend more time selling, and less time qualifying leads?


Think inside the box!

So, you’ve invested in an MA solution, which is actually a brilliant toolbox for leads qualification.

Let’s take the following example:

As a business, you are currently running a marketing campaign on social media, where you are asking people to register in return for a brilliant e-book you’ve published.

From this campaign you get 1500 leads, so a very good result, and you have 10 sales people in your sales team.

You quickly distribute these 1500 leads over your 10 sales people, meaning they now have 150 leads each to approach, great! Or is it…?

A common problem within many organisations is the low engagement level of sales people in terms of CRM usage. One main reason for this is that if you give me 150 leads out of which I only manage to close 2 pieces of business, I’m not going to be very excited the next time you give me another 150 leads.

This, in turn, means that I might not be too bothered to contact these leads quickly enough, and we all know how time-critical lead information is; someone could get in there before us if we wait too long and a lead that is hot one week can quickly go cold the next week.

The Magic!

So, what is this sorcery I speak of?

It is quite straight-forward actually, MA solutions have a great feature that we can use to pre-qualify our leads called a Nurture Program.

Nurture programs are mainly used for keeping cold leads “alive” by sending them some sort of communication every month or so, and if and when a lead reacts to this communication we can then segment them and include them in different marketing activities for example.

But, if we look at what nurture programs actually do, it is something along the lines of:

  1. Send email to Marketing List A
  2. If a lead opens the email
    1. Check if the lead clicked the link in the email
    2. Based on the above, move the lead into Marketing List B, to be included in Campaign X, notify the account manager for this lead etc.
  3. If a lead does not open the email
    1. Keep the lead in Marketing List A, so that they stay in our nurture program


This “machine” can just as easily be used to pre-qualify leads before we give them to our sales team.

So, remember our 1500 leads we received from our e-book campaign? Now, instead of giving them to our 10 sales people, we instead do the following:

  1. Send an email out to Marketing List X – New Leads (this is where we will automatically put all our new leads)
    1. If a lead opens the email
      1. Remove the lead from Marketing List X
      2. Automatically Assign the lead to one of our sales people
      3. Automatically create a follow-up activity for this sales person so that in his or her dashboard, they will have a phone call activity to follow up with this pre-qualified lead
    2. If a lead does not open the email
      1. Move the lead from Marketing List X to our Marketing List A, to now be part of our nurture program
    3. If our email bounces
      1. Remove the Lead from Marketing List X, add to Telesales list A for phone followup


So, what just happened?

With the above lead qualification machine we just built, we are doing a few things:

  • We only give qualified leads (at least more qualified) leads to our sales people
    • This will increase their excitement when receiving leads and increase their engagement and usage of CRM
  • We can automatically disregard a certain number of leads instead of wasting our sales peoples’ time on leads with poor quality
  • We are able to give our Marketing people early feedback on leads from a certain campaign or activity so that they can revise or change their marketing strategy quicker instead of having to wait to see how many of these leads became business (=ROI)
    • “For Campaign A, we received 1500 leads, but we were only able to pre-qualify 10% of these by means of our qualification program“.
  • We have a machine into which we can “dump” practically any lead that we have an email address for
  • We have a much more scalable situation, we can handle a higher number of leads without necessarily needing to hire more sales people.


Agree? Disagree? Want to hear more? Get in touch!




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