About our services




The services offered by Sirocco cover everything from requirements analysis and process mapping, to implementation and support. For Sirocco it is important that our customers derive maximum benefit from their investment and feel at ease once a project has been completed. The methods we use are adapted to each customer’s specific situation and challenges, and continuous communication, transparency and a proactive approach are factors we continually strive towards in order to safeguard the quality of our delivery.

How we craft it

We maintain a frequent and open dialogue with our customer, from the initial project meeting throughout project acceptances, workshops, implementation and final delivery. However, our commitment does not end with the delivery, a CRM strategy is a continuing process that has to be monitored and finely adjusted in order to remain responsive to external changes. The methods we use are adapted to each customer's specific situation and challenges.

Requirements Analysis

The cooperation between Sirocco and our customer is initiated with a requirement analysis in order to obtain necessary background information about the company. Since every customer is unique, the data derives from a variation of integrating phases such as pre-study, individual interviews and workshops. The needs and challenges identified during the requirement analysis are presented with a solution plan, which is implemented by our experts.

Project Management

The project management starts on the first day of the project and develops over time. The following phases of the project includes implementation of the customized solution of data migration and integrations, where everything is overviewed by our experienced project managers. When all the pieces are in place, Sirocco executes internal testing before handing over the solution to the customer. The customer runs an acceptance testing to ensure that the solution being presented is in line with their requirements and expectations set on the final delivery. When the customer has approved the solution, training is initiated to use the new system. With our project management, we imply that we will be by your side from day one until the system is up and running and all the processes have been set.